better together summer 2022

We have an exciting summer planned as we launch our new series, "Better Together," where we will explore the book of Acts together. We will see how the Lord moved in power in the local church as they gathered together, and we want to step into that this summer! We also have tshirts for our series. Pre-order to get yours and wear them throughout the summer! 
As part of our Better Together Acts summer series, we will have once a month Family Meals after the 2nd service every 1st Sunday of the month in June, July, and August - June 5th, July 3rd, and August 7th. Bring a dish and join us for food and fellowship!
To make it easy for you, we will have foil pans available and all you have to do is bring it back in the cafe with your food. If you didn't get a foil pan, no worries - we will have them for you! We will place them into warming trays so that they are ready to go after the 2nd service. Please label your food with the name of dish, ingredients, and whether it should be served hot or cold. Can't wait to enjoy lunch together! Feel free to bring a lawn chair and picnic blanket too!
Summer Meet Ups

Are you a coffee lover? I scream for ice cream? This summer we will be introducing meet ups - a way to connect with others over doing something fun! We have BBQ socials, playground meetups, weekly walks, and more! Check out our meet ups page for more details.