Stonecrest Exchange

Stonecrest Exchange is a place where you can post a need you have, or something you want to give away or help with.
During these difficult days its important that we have a place to find out what people in our Stonecrest family need or what they might have to help others with.  

To request a posting, click in the box that says "Join the discussion… " and enter what you need or have to give away or help with.  
All postings will be reviewed by a moderator and formatted for the Exchange, so please include your name and contact information so we can direct people who want to help. You can create an account, or use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Account.  Or you can request a posting as a guest using just your name and email address and click the check box next to "I'd rather post as a guest."

For more information about a post or how to help with a NEED click Reply to request more information below the post.

Please note: any contacts you make through this exchange are between you and the person contacting you.  
Stonecrest and its staff are not involved, and, Stonecrest church is not to be used as a drop off or storage location.