music and drama

HisKids Music & Drama is a Christian musical theatre program for children in Grades 2-8. The rehearsal schedule starts in September and ends in December with a Broadway-style musical performance! HisKids aims to teach children the Word of God via the performing arts in a way that makes learning fun, memorable, and powerful!

Can you recite your ABCs? How did you learn them? Can you remember "I'm a Little Teapot" or "The B-I-B-L-E"? When we put things to music, we have an amazing ability to learn and retain information. And, if we also involve our bodies in movement or in dance, that retention rate can be even greater. What a great way to learn the Word of God and instill those Biblical principles in our children for years to come!


HisKids Music & Drama is a musical program designed to teach children the Word of God through music, dance, and drama. A typical rehearsal consists of an early bird activity, a group devotional, a spiritual lesson, a snack, a music lesson, a choreography lesson, and prayer time... all focused on a Biblical principle/theme of the day!
The HisKids Leadership Team works to create an engaging and relevant environment where children are not only learning how to put on the armor of God, but they are also learning confidence, stage presence, teamwork, and how to minister the Good News to others.
The joy we get from watching the children grow, learn, and succeed is beyond words. Simply put, you just can't out give God! Although our families come from surrounding churches and differing backgrounds, we realize that we all have ONE heart... one that beats for our Audience of One. 

2022 Musical - Angel Alert!

"Angel" means "messenger," and what better way to spread the message at Christmas time than with angels! In Angel Alert!, created by Celeste Clydesdale and arranged by David T. Clydesdale, the entire choir is made up of angels! In fact, they are all waiting to be told when to go to earth and make the grand announcement. As they wait for the call, they review God's faithfulness through His promises and some of the prophecies about the Savior's birth. The musical is full of worship and plenty of celebration, since the angels understand the love God has for His people in sending His Son to earth.  For child and/or volunteer registration, click below!
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Keri founded HisKids Music & Drama in 2004 and has directed over 16 children’s musical productions.  Her love for the Lord, children & theatre served as the perfect formula for the creation of this program that serves over 60 children in the local area.  Keri has a BA in Elementary Education Grades K-6 and in Special Education (LD) Grades K-12. She also received her MBA in International Business Management.  Keri has been involved in music & theatre for much of her childhood and into adulthood.  Keri currently works for Mondelez International and attends Stonecrest Community Church. Other passions include seeing Broadway shows (go figure!), fitness, dining and loving on her beautiful son, Grant.