Stonecrest Kids Sunday

Children's Ministry Resources

Parent Guides for Sunday 3/29:

After you watch this week's video(s) together, check out these parent guides to find some some activities from our curriculum that you can use to have church at home with your children this week:
Preschool (0 -age 5)
Elementary (Kindergarten - 3rd grade)
Tween (4th - 6th grade) 

Devotionals for the Week of 3/29:

Help your children develop a quiet time habit with these devotional tools related to this week's lesson:
Preschool Placemats
Kindergarten - 1st Grade God Time 
2nd - 3rd Grade God Time
Tween God Time

Conversation Guides for Parents and Kids

We wanted to provide you with some resources that can help you have important conversations with your kids about what is going on in the world and all around them.

A podcast from our curriculum: “Helping Kids Navigate Anxiety” 
How to Talk to your Children about the Coronavirus
Anxiety Conversation Guide: Preschool
Anxiety Conversation Guide: Elementary