Join us for "Made for More", a series on the Holy Spirit.

April 7 - Made for More: Holy Spirit as Helper

April 21 - Made for More: Filled by the Holy Spirit

April 14 - Made for More: Who is the Holy Spirit

The Alpha Course

Join us starting on April 10, 17, or 24th, for the Alpha Course in either Spanish or English.
What is Alpha? Alpha is an encounter with Jesus.  Alpha is an
experience of the Holy Spirit. Alpha is a safe space to ask difficult questions of life, faith, and meaning. Alpha isn’t church. Alpha is a judgment-free zone where no opinion is considered wrong. Alpha is food. Alpha is friendship. Alpha is for you if you’ve known God your whole life. Alpha is for you if you’re not sure how God and Jesus fit together and why it matters.

Holy Spirit Weekend

Many people have a good theology of the Holy Spirit but limited experience. In this Holy Spirit weekend we will teach on things of the Spirit and then create "lab time," an experiential environment where you practice walking in the things of the Spirit. Setting aside time to intentionally focus on practicing walking in the Spirit helps people to grow in this area by leaps and bounds. While it often requires some courage to take a risk in stepping out in faith, the teaching and fellowship will provide inspiration to help you be bold. Stoke the flames of your faith this weekend! Dr. Ron Walborn of Asbury Theological Seminary will be joining Rob Reimer for this weekend.