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Updated 9/27/2020 09:00am
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We are looking forward to regathering with you! We will have one live, in-person service at 11am downstairs in the Great Escape.
Masks, temperature checks, health screening questions and check-in required for entry.
Children’s ministry 5th grade and below will remain a virtual option, so children in attendance must stay and sit with their family. 

Photos from our Fall Kick Off

Stonecrest Kids, Stonecrest Students, and Life Group Ministries celebrated the new semester Kick Off with some fun and games!

A Letter from Pastor Brent announcing our new Racial Justice Statement and Grace Guidelines

Jesus was a lover of all humanity and all races. Therefore, I believe it breaks His heart to see the racial tensions throughout our world today. The Leadership Team of Stonecrest Community Church (i.e. elders, governing board and staff) have been diligent over the last three months in addressing how we can best understand and improve racial tensions in this nation.

I give glory to God in the way He has lead us through His Word to a place of unity and conviction. I appreciate the concentrated efforts of the Racial Justice Task Force comprised of Magda Yrizarry, Doug Bortner, Regina Clark, Walter Slade, Yolanda Mendez, Andy Mah and Scott Hobbs, who invested numerous hours over the past 13 weeks to help us reach a point of better understanding, strong consensus and God-honoring unity!

I invite you to the Stonecrest website where you will find the Statement of Stonecrest Community Church concerning racial justice and “Grace Guidelines for Conversations”.

We celebrate the fact that we are a congregation representing over 30 nations. We celebrate the fact that Jesus said: “ Him there is neither circumcised or uncircumcised, Jew or Greek, Scythian or barbarian, slave or free, for Christ is all and is in all!” Stonecrest Community Church is committed to knowing Christ and making him known to a hurting world by hearing, understanding and obeying scripture. We are determined to be a Difference Maker in our world! I believe the difference must begin in me/you/us!

I encourage you to take a Next Step in one or all of these areas:

  1. Read the Statement of Kingdom Justice and Mercy and search the scriptural references to see the heart of God.
  2. Read the “Grace Guidelines for Conversations” carefully and commit to following them as you step into conversations with people who may not look like you.
  3. Be proactive in searching the SCC website to find when and where conversations will be taking place in the near future in Life Groups.
  4. Join or start a life group and apply the Grace Guidelines - email [email protected] for more info.

All change is not necessarily progress; but a person cannot progress without change. At SCC we believe that change happens best and most quickly in groups. So, will you act upon this invitation by taking these steps mentioned above? Let’s show the world why Jesus is the answer to the tensions we face as a nation!

Expecting Great Things For God and Expecting Great Things From God!
Pastor Brent