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Flood Relief

The catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Ida devastated our region with overwhelming needs.  While many escaped serious loss, some of our families, friends, and neighbors are walking through major disruptions of life, significant loss, hardship, and pain and  are forced to rebuild their lives. Stonecrest has a heart to walk alongside of our neighbors and friends as they recover and rebuild after the flooding.
NEED HELP?  If you or someone you know needs help, please email us at [email protected].
How you can HELP:

Pray – Pray for our friends and neighbors as they recover and rebuild their lives from the flooding.
You can give to a special Stonecrest Cares Flood Relief Fund that will be distributed to those in need. Ways to give:
  • Check marked “Flood Relief” made out to Stonecrest Community Church
Stonecrest Community Church
11 Technology Drive North
Warren, NJ  07059
  • Give Online to the designated Stonecrest Cares Flood Relief Fund here

GO –  Look for ways you can actively help your neighbors or those connected with Stonecrest that need help. If we can partner with you as you help others, please email us at [email protected]. Below is a list of those that need help and how you can help:

The Torres family, a family in our Stonecrest community, lost everything in the flood. They need man power to clean out their home the next few days today (Sat, Sep 4) - Monday. Roads are open - but Stephen may need to personally meet you at the entrance.  Address is 360 Huff Ave, Manville NJ 08835 and you can reach Stephen at (732) 882-8651 (cell service is not great, so text is best).  Update for Sept. 6: Torres family packed up items from their home in Manville to Raritan with many from Stonecrest that assisted.  Check back for updates in how to help their family in their time of need.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

From our Stonecrest Church family partners Dony and Ketline

We are alive praise the Lord, but the rented house that we are living in is broken down a part of it. Continue to pray for us and Neriah Community Health Foundation. Some people in our neighborhood died already, plus the ex mayor of Les Cayes died. And his hotel broke down flat down and all people died.

From our Christian & Missionary Alliance family partners 

As of August 20, this is the reality that Haiti is facing:
  • There are 16 Alliance churches in Haiti. Four churches have been impacted by the earthquake – the church in Lazil, the church in Jeremie, the church in Carrefour, and the church in Port-De-Paix 
  • In Lazil, 98 families are now homeless, and the church has suffered structural damage 
  • In Jeremie, 17 homes have been destroyed and 27 homes, along with the church, have suffered structural damage 
  • In Carrefour, 4 people have been wounded 
  • In Port-De-Paix, 2 people have died (the earth literally “…opened and swallowed them up.”) 
  • There is an Alliance Bible Institute in Lazil. It has been destroyed. 
  • Among the congregants in the Haitian churches in our district, many of whom were represented by the pastors on the call on the call, 23 family members have been directly impacted by the earthquake. There may be more, as many more of our district churches have family members living in Haiti. 
The direct impact to our Alliance family, that we are aware of, totals 120 homes destroyed, 27 homes damaged, 4 people wounded, and 2 people dead. On top of that, in Jeremie, mudslides have blocked roads and made ongoing recovery efforts more difficult. This is truly a state of emergency.