Youth Service Weekend

April 3rd-5th

A lot goes into making a weekend retreat of this caliber happen, and we have lots of people to thank for it. The way we give back every year is by going back the next weekend to serve food to the next week's campers. Students ages 14 and older can attend this weekend absolutely free, and get to see a totally different side of Lake Champion! The date of this trip is April 3-5. More information including a packing list, forms you'll need, and how to sign up are all available below.
Please arrive at Stonecrest Church at 4:30 PM on Friday, and go around back to the big parking lot. We'll stop for dinner on the way up to Lake Champion, so you will need to bring some money for that.
We will be coming home on Sunday. We'll have the kids let you know when we are one hour away, but our plan is to be back between 2:30 PM-3:30 PM. We will be stopping again for lunch on the way home, so you will need money for that as well.
Packing List
Sleeping Bag
Cell Phone/Charger
3 days of clothing, socks, and underwear
Comfortable/Athletic Clothes for games
Coat/Rain-Jacket/Sweatshirts (it looks like it may be warmer, but possibly rainy weather)
Contact Solution/Case
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash
Earplugs (optional)
Snacks (optional)
Money (optional; there is a gift shop, ice cream bar, and coffee bar on-site)
Release Forms
Please click the links of the three forms you will need for this trip:
Stonecrest Release Form
Young Life Form
Metro Youth Form 
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