Day 14: Sermon Reflections & Application

Today, Pastor Brent taught us what is means to serve because we've first been served by Jesus from John 13:1-17. We encourage you to take these timeless truths and apply them in your every day lives.

Here's some application questions that can help you take these truths deeper in your journey with the Lord:

  • Pastor Brent said that we need Jesus to wash our feet, especially in times of crisis. If Jesus came to your home today and asked to wash your feet, what would your response be? 
  • What would you want Him to wash you of and why? Write down your answers and bring this before the Lord in prayer. Ask Him for what you need to be washed of and write it down. It could be shame, heaviness, and or regret (or something else!). Also, this may be a great time to confess any sins before Him and repent for where you've turned from Him. When finished, welcome Him to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. 
  • Pastor Brent also encouraged us to take faith filled risks. Using wisdom, what do you believe are the faith filled risks God is calling you to take in this next week? Seek Him today and ask Him for where He's leading you to be generous. 
  • Pastor Brent reminded us that we are to serve God because we were first served and loved by Him. We are His beloved and we can do nothing to earn in His love. Take some time today and ask the Lord to remind you who He's says you are and His love for you. Look up verses on identity. Write them down in your phone or in a place where you can see them as a daily reminder. 

Beloved, the Lord has paid the ultimate sacrifice for you because He loves you. May you and your family be deeply touched by the Father's love and protection today! We are praying for you.

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