Sermon Reflections and Application

Today, Pastor Brent preached from Luke 19:28-40 when Jesus enters into Jerusalem on a humble donkey to the praises of "Hosanna" and palm branches at His feet. We also learned that God used a simple donkey to accomplish the things of His Kingdom and He can do so in us as well. We learned that when Jesus used this donkey that the donkey:
  • Found a purpose 
  • Had a position
  • Adapted to something new 
  • Made way for the Waymaker

As you walk away from this sermon, take some time in prayerful devotion and journaling before the Lord and ask Him the following questions:
  1. What purpose have you given me? 
  2. What position do you have me in now and why? 
  3. What are the ways you are calling me to adapt to this new season so that you can produce the kind of fruit you want in me? 
  4. How can I make a way for you in my life today?

Close this time in prayer by thanking Him for being the "Waymaker" of your life. Ask Him to renew and continually reveal His word in and through you!

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