Sermon Reflections and Application

This morning, Pastor Brent shared from John 11 when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. However, Lazarus was not the only person whose life was changed and resurrected that day. Lazarus had two sisters that needed hope when all seemed lost and Jesus showed up for them in a very powerful way.

Here are some sermon response questions that may help you in go deeper in your own journey with the Lord:
  1. Out of the three characters (Martha, Mary, and Lazarus), who can you relate to and why?
  2.  Pastor Brent said, " The darker your despair in disappointment the deeper your gratitude after your dilemma." In response to this sermon, do you believe Jesus can bring back to life areas that are dead because of unbelief and despair? Do you believe Jesus could bring joy, peace, hope and or belief back? Whatever it is you need, take the time to ask the Lord to reveal what it is you truly need and what He wants to give you. Perhaps God has already shown you during the sermon. Write down these answers and ask Him for what you need.
  3. Worship, thanksgiving, and gratitude can be hard to give during times of disappointment and pain. However, God reveals Himself in His Presence when we worship Him. Perhaps gratitude is a simple free-flowing thing for you to do at this time but maybe it's hard and difficult. Whatever the case may be, and whenever you are ready, take some time to write down and or pray out the things you are gratitude for. Keep going until you feel you are done. Note how you feel at the end of the time and why. If it's hard to show gratitude towards the Lord, that is okay. Invite the Lord to come where something is troubling you and ask Him to reveal the root cause.

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