Psalm 6

Before you continue reading, read through Psalm 6 and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal a new truth to you today.

How long? It's hard dealing with trials day after day with no end in sight... especially when we aren't even sure what the end might look like, or whether we'll want to get to it when we see what it might be. How long, Lord!? Do you hear me? Don't you see!?  It makes us wonder. It makes us unsure. It makes us doubt. But what if it made us remain? Rather than focusing on our struggle to get out from under this mess, worrying what might happen, striving to successfully get through it, or somehow try to crawl out from under it and barely survive... what if instead you set your heart and your mind to remain under it all? Right here where Jesus knows exactly where you are and what you're dealing with?

Like David who wrote Psalm 6, remember and declare:
"...the Lord HAS heard my weeping.
The Lord HAS heard my cry for mercy;
Trust that whatever the Lord has for you in the middle or at the end of this, He will give you what you need to deal with it, to accept it, and to learn how to walk in it.

Prayer and Action Steps:
  1. Pray, and share honestly with God whatever is burdening your heart and mind right now. Be honest with Him about your worries. Don't feel like you need to hide them from Him, but rather give them over to Him.
  2. Picture yourself sitting on the floor, with everything that is weighing you down lying in your lap. Now picture Jesus smiling as he walks up to you and bends down, crossing his legs to sit down beside you. No rush... no impatience... He's willing to remain with you there all day if necessary.
  3. Now go and actually sit on the floor or a chair and when you're ready, lift your hands like you are passing a box full of burdens to Jesus and say out loud,  "...the Lord has heard my weeping. The Lord has heard my cry for mercy;  the Lord accepts my prayer." 

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