William Seymour

Throughout this Black History month, we want to introduce you to stories of key Black leaders in church history and with the Alliance who made incredible Kingdom impact.

William J. Seymour was born in Centerville, Louisiana, the eldest son of freed slaves. He grew up in extreme poverty, and spent much of his early years traveling throughout parts of the United States to obtain work. While in Ohio, he had a near-fatal bout of small pox, which scarred his face and left him blind in one eye. Seymour moved to Texas and attended a state-segregated Bible school, the professor let him sit outside the classroom door (left purposely ajar). He moved to south LA and planted a multi-ethnic church, in April of 1906. He started a fast and prayer for more of GOD!

He said, “I had such a hunger to have more of God was in my heart that I prayed for five hours a day for two and a half years. I got to Los Angeles, and there the hunger was not less but more. I prayed, “God, what can I do?” The Spirit said, “Pray more.” But Lord, I am praying five hours a day now.” I increased my hours of prayer to seven, and prayed on for a year and a half more.

Day three into the fast, God revealed himself and revival began and it birthed one of the greatest global revivals called the Azusa Street – it launched the Pentecostal movement across the world!
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