Psalm 7

Read through Psalm 7 and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal a new truth to you today.

Lord my God, I take refuge in you;
 save and deliver me from all who pursue me,

Psalm 7:1

David begins Psalm 7 the way we would be wise to begin each day: "Oh Lord, I take refuge in you; save me and deliver me from ALL who pursue me." David was being pursued by an enemy, named Cush. Our society, nation - yes, even our entire world - is seemingly being pursued by an enemy called Coronavirus Covid-19. National leaders have declared war on this virus and are counting the death tolls which this enemy has claimed. When we ponder the promises of God we find hope in the God of eternity who promises to be our refuge. He tells us His name is a strong tower into which the righteous can run and be saved. There are some great worship and praise songs which focus on this theme. As you listen to the words of these examples I encourage you to jot down key thoughts, promises, and assurances which the lyrics cause to cross your mind. May you be comforted and encouraged as you take refuge in the Lord today!

Songs: Refuge by Vicky Beeching  and You Are Worthy of Your Name - by Passion

Action Steps
  1. Write down your fears, concerns, and anxieties. Which one(s) do you feel is currently bigger than the solution, which is the person and power of God? Can you trust God to be your refuge in this situation?  
  2. Would you like to talk to one of the pastoral team at Stonecrest? Please call (908) 821-9700 and ask to speak with Siobhan (Worship and Prayer Coordinator), Jeff (Pastoral Care), Joe (Ministry Team Coordinator), Nick (Youth), Kim (Pastoral Care).  We are here to help you hear God's voice of comfort and promise. 

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Christine mott - April 7th, 2020 at 7:48am

I love our team of leaders. Thank you this and every day for your continued service to our Father first and foremost and to us. This must be difficult and I am praying for you all.





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