Stonecrest Devotionals

Walking through the Psalms

Join us as we journey as a church through the Book of Psalms both devotionally and prayerfully during this time of COVID-19 crisis. The Psalms were written by different authors and worshippers who confessed their lament, anger, grief, and praise throughout varying seasons of life, to a faithful God. May these devotions help posture our hearts before the Lord - in all humility, honesty, and surrender.
Worship Playlist
We've prepared a Worship playlist of 100 songs to help you in Walking through the Psalms.  You can preview them here or click Play on Spotify to listen to the full song.

The Presence of God

Hello Stonecrest Family!  We hope this finds you well!  Know that we miss seeing your beautiful faces in person at our Sunday services even while we are grateful to be able to meet with you online!  We pray that God would continue to meet you and your families throughout this time of shared virtual church experiences. For the second half of March, we will be sending prayer devotionals lovingly written by the Pastoral Staff. Each day will focus on the Presence of God as it relates to us in homes, jobs, our neighborhoods and our world.  Sometimes we forget that He is with us. However, we believe that He does have truth and hope to reveal throughout this time of social isolation, pandemic crisis, fear, and uncertainty.  We see in God's word over and over again that we are not alone.

We've also curated a playlist of songs as we direct our hearts to worship on Christ.

The Attributes of God

This series of devotionals was written by our staff in January 2020 and they continue to be a source of encouragement and confidence in our God as we focus on His attributes even in times of uncertainty and trial.