Day 5

39 He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.

In verse 38 Jesus was found sleeping but now in verse 39 He is awake. He willingly rises up and operates in His authority as the Son of God to calm this incredibly (and rightfully so), chaotic and frightening storm. At the sound of His voice the seas calm and the boat is at rest again.

Today's Guided Prayers:
  1. Welcome God to come in this time and begin by expressing gratitude, praise, and worship!
  2. Really take your time to chew on each word of this verse: "He." Pause. "Got." Pause. "Up"... until the end.  
  3. We clearly see that Jesus calmed the storms for the Disciples. Now in prayer, ask how the Lord wants to do that for you and for whoever and whatever situation God lays on your heart. Pause in His Presence and wait for an answer. 
  4. Now, repeat verse 39 again and personalize this verse in a prayer of declaration before the Lord. Bring before Him what He just showed you in number 3. For example: “Lord, I thank you that you want to calm the storms of my life. I also take authority of _____________ and I command this storm to be ‘quiet and still’ in the name of Jesus.” Life can be very hard but God’s peace is with you always. You don’t need to face life’s storms alone. 
  5. Spend the rest of your day thanking God for His provision! Celebrate His goodness to you. 
  6. Listen to the song, “Lean Back”  at some point and receive these words of love and comfort for you.
  7. Today’s VBS Theme and Verse: Jesus’ power helps us to be good friends. Key verse: John 15:12. Pray that these little guys would come to know Jesus as their best friend. Also pray that they learn to be good friends to others! Pray for the leaders and this final day of VBS.

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