Sermon Reflections and Application

In Proverbs, Solomon describes 4 types of people:
  1. The Simple: is someone who is ignorant because of a lack of knowledge and or just doesn't quite know.
  2. The Fool: is someone who knows what do to but chooses not to do it anyway. 
  3. The Mocker: is a person who is openly critical and scoff at others (maybe even self)
  4. The Wise: is someone who doesn't know it all but is always willing to learn and remains teachable throughout their lives! 
Pastor Brent shared there's a little bit of fool in all of us. Out of these types of people, ask the Lord to point out the places you may be "simple" and or "foolish" and or "critical." Write down your answers. Perhaps this could be a good time to prayerfully identify with the Lord the places He's calling you repent and turn to Him for greater wisdom.

If the Lord has brought up or convicted you of the places that you have fallen short, simply confess them to Him and ask for forgiveness. When finished, prayerfully surrender to Him. Welcome Him to mold and teach you. Ask Him for wisdom in the places you need it.

Lastly, thank the Lord for the life lessons He has provided for you in this season. Take time to write down the teachable moments you can identify as gifts from Him. Thank Him for the wisdom He is giving you even now during this time of COVID-19. You probably have grown more than you know. We bless you to be a wise man or woman of God who lean into His loving, craftsman's hands!

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