Psalm 43

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
    Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
    for I will yet praise him,
    my Savior and my God.

Psalm 43:5

Are there days you feel discouraged? Is your life just tough with no end or relief in sight? We are not out of the woods when it comes to COVID-19. Reports change regularly and who knows when our lives will go back to "normal". How frustrating is that??

When I read this Psalm (which I would encourage you to check out), I believe the writer felt the same way regarding the hardship of his own circumstances too. However, he is able to acknowledge his grief, suffering, and the condition of his soul to God and yet still praise Him in the same paragraph.
Friends, just because you're a Christian does not mean you must have it all together. As a child of God, it's "ok not to be ok." It' okay to be weak and vulnerable before Him. Why hide? He already knows your heart anyway. When we allow ourselves to be honest before the Lord and identify the current state of our souls, we are then able to ask Him for what we need. This writer was not lying when he expressed the grief of his painful reality. May the words of this worshipper give you the freedom you need to be where you're at, even if you feel like a broken record. May this also giving you permission to look up and see God as your provider, comforter, friend, and more.

Prayer and Action Steps:
  1. Read all of Psalm 43 and picture yourself in the role of the writer. Personalize these words to fit your story and pray these words out loud.
  2. Ask the Lord to show you someone who needs a friend or word of encouragement. Reach out to them and ask how you can pray for them. 

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