Psalm 30

As I read through Psalm 30, verse 5 jumps out at me with a familiar phrase, “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime!  Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (NLT). Did it jump out to you? “Joy comes with the morning” is a lyric found in a popular worship song in my past and maybe yours too, “Trading My Sorrows.” It reminds me of youth group days and how upbeat and joyful we would sing this song.
However, as I think about this passage and song more, I see a wrestling of thought and emotion. In my present, I may be weeping and crying out to God, but I can cry in confidence that God will show up in my future. He will provide. He will restore. Even at times when I feel like God is hidden from my life, I will still call on His name!
I appreciate that no matter where we find ourselves from a spectrum from despair to joy, God sees us. It’s ok to sing out that “I’m trading my sorrow for the name of the Lord” from the pit or from the mountain top.

Let’s proclaim together that we say “yes Lord” to whatever He has for us today!

Prayer and Action Steps:

1. Pray: "Lord, thank You that You know me and that You are present. Thank You that even if I don’t feel You, sense You, or hear You, You are there! Lord, I give You my pain, my sorrows, and my mourning. Transform them as You turn darkness into light.  You can bring change into my heart this day and I choose You!
2. Read through Psalm 30, asking God to speak to you and give you insight.
3. Take a trip down memory lane and listen to your favorite version of “Trading My Sorrows”.  Here’s one version.
4. What other Scripture verses come to mind when listening to this song?

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