Day 3

37 Suddenly, as they were crossing the lake, a ferocious tempest arose, with violent winds and waves that were crashing into the boat until it was all but swamped. (The Passion Translation).

The Passion Translation says in verse 37 that in this storm, the disciples are facing conditions that were "ferocious" enough to swamp the boat. They are stuck on the water, and their only physical representation of security is quickly becoming obsolete.

Today’s Guided Prayers:
  1. Welcome God to come in this time and begin by expressing gratitude, praise and worship!
  2. During this season of COVID, we have suffered loss and disappointment. Like the Disciples in the boat, do you find yourself missing the things that used to support you during the “storms” of life? i.e. Gathering for Sunday Worship, in-person Life Group Meetings, Kids Quest, etc..? Or are you missing out on the everyday things that used to bring you joy, provision, security, and consistency? Whatever answer comes to mind, write it down. It’s good to acknowledge the losses, no matter how big or how small.  
  3. In prayer, ask the Lord what are the current storms He’s having you face? Write down whatever comes to mind.
  4. Like the Disciples, are you feeling "swamped" to the point of feeling overwhelmed? Take whatever you wrote down and bring them before King Jesus in prayer. Christ was in the boat then in that storm and is now in yours. 
  5. Listen to “Peace” by Amanda Cook. As you reflect on the storms present in your life, remember that peace is a promise God keeps. We do not need to live in fear and anxiety. Instead, we can cling to the peace He freely offers us. 
  6. Ask the Lord for people and places who are experiencing "storms" and lift them up in prayer. Perhaps today is the day you take a step in boldness and reach out to one or two people to pray over your storms.
  7. Today’s VBS Theme and Verse: Jesus’ power helps us be bold. Key verse: Isaiah 40:29. Pray for the leaders and the kids that they would see how God’ gives them His power through the cross to be bold!

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