Fight the Good Fight

How must God feel when we disappoint Him after He has given us His heart's blood, put so many advantages in our way and expended upon us so much grace and care. it makes the spirit cry, "Who is sufficient for these things?"
In my mind's eye I can see before me the time when we shall stand on heaven's shore and look back upon the years that have been, these few short years of time. May we cast ourselves at Jesus' feet and say: "Many a time have I faltered; many a hard fight has come, but Thou hast kept me and held me, thanks to God, who has given me the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ."
Fresh from the battlefields a little band of veterans came forth. To each was given a medal with the names of their battles on one side, and on the other side this little sentence, "I was there. "Oh, when that hour shall come, may it be a supremely happy thought to look back over the trials and sacrifices of these days and remember, "I was there, and by the help of God and the grace of Jesus, I am here."

Fight the good fight of faith —1 Timothy 6:12

Days of Heaven Upon Earth, A.B. Simpson
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