The Blessing of Christ

Many Christians fail to see all the blessings that are centered in Christ. They want to get the blessing of salvation, but that is not the Christ. They want to get the blessing of His grace to help, but that is not Him. They want to get answered prayer from Him in order to work for Him. You might have all that and not have the blessing of Christ Himself.
A great many people are attached to the system of doctrine. They say, "Yes, I have the truth; I am orthodox." That is not the Christ. It may be like the cold statue in the fountain with the water pressing from the cold hands and lips, but having no life.
A great many other people want to get the blessing of joy, but this is not the blessing of Christ personally. Many people become attached to their church and pastor, or to dear Christian friends, but that is not the Christ. The blessing that alone will fill our hearts when all else fails is the loving heart of Jesus united to us, the fountain of all our blessings and the unfailing One when all others wither and are exhausted-Jesus Christ Himself.

The fulness of the blessing of the gospel of Christ —Romans 15:29

Days of Heaven Upon Earth, A.B. Simpson
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